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Depreciation Reports in Burnaby

Burnaby Depreciation Reports

With our head office located in Burnaby, NLD Consulting is your local strata depreciation report provider. Our head office serves the City of Burnaby and the surrounding region with Certified Reserve Planners (CRP’s) who have the skills and experience to prepare your depreciation report, whether your strata corporation is professionally managed or self-managed. With a 2010 population of over 227,000, as BC’s third most populous city Burnaby has over 500 strata corporations which must comply with the depreciation report requirements of the Strata Property Amendment Act, and no other firm is better suited to provide this service.

Burnaby Residential Consulting

Our team has conducted depreciation reports in Burnaby on low rise residential, high rise residential, townhouse, and industrial/commercial strata corporations – we have these skills and experience as BC’s largest team of Certified Reserve Planners. The initial December 13, 2013 deadline has now passed, so if you have not yet completed your depreciation report, or would like more information on the options to waive the requirement, contact us today for more information and a no obligation proposal/quote!

Feel free to contact us for a quotation on your Depreciation Report/Reserve Fund Study in the Burnaby region.

Note: All images are from Depreciation Reports conducted by NLD Consulting.

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