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Preparing Your Property for Earthquakes

Depending on where your property is located, you may need to think about preparing for earthquakes. This may even figure into your depreciation report, as a major earthquake could cause damage that would show up on a report. There are some measures that your strata corporation m…More

Strata Management Companies, Part 2

Last time, we talked about just what a strata management company does and how to go about choosing the right one. Now let’s take a look at how to enter into a contract with a management company and what to expect during the contract.  Strata Management Company Contracts Once you…More

Strata Management Companies, Part 1

Depending on the results of your depreciation report, your strata may determine that there is a lot that needs to be done to their property. Sometimes this task is well beyond the scope of a small strata corporation. In these cases, many stratas turn to a strata management corpo…More

Strata Reports: The Skills and Duties of the Reporter

So it is time for your strata to get a depreciation report done. You have decided not to attempt to do it on your own, but instead have a qualified reporter do it for you. How do you go about finding someone who is qualified to do the report? What are the skills that are require…More

Preparing for an Emergency

One part of being a responsible strata corporation is being prepared for an emergency. Any number of emergencies could threaten a strata corporation’s property, including: Fires Flooding Earthquakes Power Outages Storm Damage Having a plan on how your strata is going to respon…More

Common and Expensive Repairs That Can Blindside Strata Owners Part II

Depreciation reports are absolutely necessary for the financial and structural stability of your strata building. Neglecting to perform this task will increase the likelihood of catastrophic failure for building components. Your strata corporation will also likely be less financ…More

Common and Expensive Repairs That Can Blindside Strata Owners Part I

Depreciation reports are absolutely vital because they make building owners aware of upcoming repairs. A well-crafted depreciation report also helps owners avoid paying hefty special assessments, gradually saving up an ample reserve fund instead. A Horrific Scenario Without a re…More

Trees Add Value and Appeal to Your Property

One of the first things that a potential owner or renter might notice about your property is the condition of the landscaping. Trees are something that can draw the eye to the property. They are tall, spruce up an otherwise boring or empty space and generally add to the appeal o…More

Picking a Security Company

Security is first on many people’s minds these days. How should you handle a request to the strata to add or upgrade the security of your building? If this is the first time that your strata has had to look into adding security to a building, the task might seem daunting. Here a…More

Reserve Fund

Why Passing on a Depreciation Report Could Cost Your Strata Owners Sales

Many strata owners and strata councils in British Columbia have sadly chosen to use the deferral option to avoid conducting a depreciation report / reserve fund study. They do not necessarily fully understand the risks and hidden costs that such an action invites. Realize that r…More