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Picking a Security Company

Posted by on May 27, 2015 in blog

Security is first on many people’s minds these days. How should you handle a request to the strata to add or upgrade the security of your building? If this is the first time that your strata has had to look into adding security to a building, the task might seem daunting. Here are some questions that you should be asking of potential security companies before you hire them for your property.

  • Make sure that the firm is insured. The importance of this question cannot be understated and it is probably one of the most important pieces of information that you can get when talking with a security company. If the answer to this question is no, then walk out of the office immediately.
  • Get backgrounds on the guards’ emergency response training. Are they certified for CPR and first aid? Do they receive any additional training that they are allowed to use on the job? Having security guards that are capable of responding to emergencies could be critical if one were to arise.
  • What is the overall training that the guards receive? What types of updates are required of the guards to ensure that any training that they have received remains current and up to date? What does the company do to encourage its employees to remain current and engaged with latest trends in their field? The type of training that the firm provides its guards can speak volumes about the quality of the firm and the guards.
  • What type of screening is done by the firm for potential employees? Are they screened for drugs? Are background checks done to look at criminal charges or credit history? This can give you insight into the quality of character the firm is looking for in its guard force. This can also clue you in to the types of people who will be in your building on a regular basis.
  • What types of equipment does the firm supply to its guards? Some of the things that you should be looking for when asking this question are:
    • A standard uniform with a badge and prominent identification to identify the guard
    • Flashlights
    • Radios or cell phones capable of direct communication between guards
    • Stopwatch or clock for recording times in logs and reports
    • Manual containing standard operating procedures for guards
    • Inclement and cold weather gear that is standard with the uniform
  • Ask for examples of the types of logs and record keeping that guards are expected to do throughout the day. These can help you to determine the level of detail that is required by the firm. Feel free to add your expectations and see if the firm is willing to comply with your wishes. If they are not, they might not be the firm for you.

Keeping residents and your property safe from crime and vandals will add to your overall value. A depreciation report can help with other aspects of that and help in planning for the future. Contact Reserve Advisors today!


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